Not Just a Website:  A Law Firm Lead Generation Engine

Get a WordPress law firm website that you, your clients and search engines will love

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Are You Disappointed  With Your Law Firm’s Website?

  • Is your website not meeting your expectations when it comes to traffic, leads and generating a positive return-on-investment?

  • Are you tired of paying high monthly “maintenance and hosting” fees to your web designer or marketing firm?

  • Do you have trouble accessing your website to add content (blog posts, photos or videos)

  • Does the design of your current website fall short in representing the authority, skills and professionalism of your law firm?

If you’ve answered “yes!” to one or more of these questions, you’re not alone. Most law firm websites are designed in the absence of an effective online marketing strategy. Most lawyers make the mistake of hiring traditional “web designers” who lack skills in search engine optimization, usability or conversion rate optimization (generating qualified leads). Others work with the large “all-in one” legal companies, choosing to have their websites built by the same companies who provide their document management, legal research and lawyer directory advertising services.

Ready For Your Website to Start Working For You?

Combined with an effective content marketing strategy that’s tailored to your practice area and location, your website should be a primary driver of new business, showing measurable growth in traffic and qualified leads on a monthly basis. This is the core of our web design philosophy: Every element of a law firm’s website should be systematized, following a specific and proven recipe for performing above our clients’ standards. The design of your site should reflect the values, culture and capabilities of your law firm itself. Your site should be simple to use, easy to update and cost little to maintain. At Best Legal Practices, we have a name for our unique web design process: The Law Firm Lead Generation Formula.

  • SEO to the Max

    Your website should be poised for massive traffic, reflecting best practices in law firm SEO

  • Cost-effective

    You should never have to pay high hosting, content updating or maintenance fees

  • Built For Leads

    The design of your website should reflect best practices in conversion rate optimization

  • Fully Responsive

    Your website should be “responsive”, built to display on all mobile devices and tablets

  • Totally Social

    Your website should be optimized for social media sharing and consumption

  • Content-Centered

    Your website should include an integrated blog, the core of your content marketing platform

  • Fast, Secure & Reliable

    Your site should be fast, secure and reliable, built on the Genesis Framework

  • Super Easy to Use

    Your website must be easy to access and update, requiring no technical code

Why Should Your Law Firm's Website be Powered by WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular, well-supported, stable, inexpensive and secure platform out there. When building sites for our client firms, we apply best practices in Reach (traffic), Engagement (content consumption) and Conversion (more qualified leads!). This holistic approach results in an audience-focused website that works to establish yours as the authoritative practice in your niche.

Terence Daniel Doyle Terence Daniel Doyle, Doyle Golde Grossman Family Law Group Our firm needed an online presence that reflects the high level of expertise and talent we provide our clients.  The process Best Legal Practices used in helping us achieve this was exceptional...we are extremely pleased with the results.
Milda Goeriz Milda Goeriz, Womens Divorce Center My new law firm website vastly exceeded my expectations! I chose Best Legal Practices, as they conveyed the highest level of expertise in legal marketing and were able to explain SEO and online marketing concepts clearly.