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Please answer the following questions:

  • Do you currently have a website but aren’t satisfied with the traffic and leads generated?

  • Are you busy running your practice, with little time to devote to online marketing and law firm SEO?

  • Do you know you need to do something to increase your web presence but aren’t sure where to start?

  • Are you having a hard time tracking your marketing and ensuring that every dollar you spend produces a positive ROI?

  • Have you been working with a “Law Firm SEO Company,” only to find a lack of growth or a decline in traffic and leads?


  • Are you sick and tired of getting calls and emails from “Law Firm SEO Experts” offering sure paths to success?


If you’ve answered a resounding “Yes!” to any of these questions, you’re not alone.

Most busy lawyers struggle to find the resources, time and expertise to learn about and implement best practices in law firm online marketing.  Even many “early adopters” - law firms who have taken the lead by working with law firm SEO firms - have seen dramatic decreases in their search engine rankings, website traffic and flow of qualified leads. Even worse, other law firms have been virtually wiped off the map, penalized by Google for low quality or “spammy” SEO and link-building tactics. While these massive changes might sound scary or even unfair, they’re happening for a simple, logical reason…

Law Firm SEO has changed. Forever.

“What Happened to My Website Traffic?” This question has become all too popular among lawyers as of late.

For the last 10 years, an eternity in “internet time,” the core strategy used by most law firm SEO firms was centered around manipulating Google rankings, or using “back-linking” (generating a large number of links from other websites to yours). The goal of these tactics was to fool search engines by making law firms’ websites  appear to be larger and more authoritative than they really were. Oftentimes, law firm SEO firms acquired links from websites that Google deemed “spammy” or low quality. Every day Google brings to bear limitless resources to bridge the gap between “man and machine.”  Google’s ultimate goal is to provide a great user experience, connecting searchers with the best, most relevant results possible.  And you’d better believe, Google is getting very good at weeding out low quality websites and spammy law firm SEO tactics. The bottom line is that traditional Law Firm SEO is dead and content marketing is here to stay.

Why traditional Law Firm SEO no longer works

While there are hundreds of entities offering Law Firm SEO and online marketing services, most of these companies fall into three categories:

  • Small “fly by night” Law Firm SEO companies – These are small, often new businesses, ranging from 1-10 employees. We have found that working with these types of firms can be risky, as a lack of a proven track record or expertise in law firm online marketing can result in a mixed bag of results
  • General “jack of all trades” SEO agencies – While there are dozens of these mid-sized search marketing agencies, many of which with excellent reputations and longevity in the marketplace, these firms often focus on several business verticals (lawyers, restaurants, plumbers, etc.), resulting in less than optimal understanding of law firm SEO and content marketing
  • Large “all in one” legal services firms – These large “oil tankers” are the behemoths of the legal industry, offering a wide variety of services to attorneys: legal software, research, lawyer directory listings, law firm SEO and even law books. Unfortunately, like many excessively large vessels, these tankers have found it difficult to navigate the ocean of Google changes, leaving large numbers of law firms shipwrecked when it comes to their web presence.

In formulating our Law Firm Online Marketing Program, Best Legal Practices found none of these three business models to be optimal for law firms looking to implement a sustainable and profitable web presence. In addition to the limitations listed above, these models share one core and fatal flawfocus on search engines instead of real clients. Our law firm marketing philosophy hinges on the principle that education-based, content marketing always has and always will be the most effective way to generate new clients. What’s content marketing? We’re glad you asked…

What is Law Firm Content Marketing?

Content marketing is defined as “a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” – Content Marketing Institute

In other words, law firm content marketing can be broken down into two simple steps:

  • Producing and marketing high quality content (blogs, white papers, infographics, videos, etc.) that answers the questions that consumers are seeking online, related to their legal issues
  • Delivering this content to the places your target audience is most likely to notice and engage with it

It helps many of our client attorneys to think of content marketing by using traditional media (TV, radio, print) as an example: the goal of these companies is to deliver compelling content to their target audiences using the most appropriate platforms. This mind-shift is an important one for small law firms: you must embrace your role as a publisher, producing relevant content (blogs, videos, etc.) for your target audience (ideal clients) across the right platforms (search engines, social media sites, local directories, etc.). This model of producing high quality and evergreen (long lasting) content is far more effective than traditional Law Firm SEO for several reasons…

Why Content Marketing is much more effective than Law Firm SEO

  • Content Marketing is Google-friendly - Instead of focusing on backlinks, which can be de-valued or completely evaporate at any time, law firm content marketing focuses on building a growing a repository of quality content that will attract, engage and compel you target audience to take action (contact your firm) for years to come.
  • Content marketing generates long term business growth - Let’s say your firm, or designated online marketing agency, created a handful of properly written and optimized blog posts each month. After just one year, you would have a much larger website, with 50, 100 or even 1000 unique pieces of content that will each work to generate traffic and leads indefinitely.
  • Bigger websites get more traffic - Sometimes, less is more, but not when it comes to online marketing and lead generation. Every time you create a blog post, a white paper, or some other piece of content, you‘re adding another page to your website. The more content you publish, the better chance you have to rank well for a more diverse set of keywords and phrases. More content equals more traffic, and more traffic equals more leads.
  • People demand answers to their legal questions - Every day, people in your area are searching for answers to specific legal questions. Those firms smart enough to answer these questions become market leaders. While many lawyers voice initial resistance to this education-based content marketing strategy (“I don’t want to answer questions and have these clients go and hire another attorney. I want to get them in my office for a consultation!”), the fact is that by becoming the source of this much-needed (often urgently needed) information, you reach your target clients first and establish trust and authority long before your competitors.
  • Content marketing attracts "long tail" traffic - A key concept missed by many lawyers is that the vast majority of Google searches (up to 70%) represent questions - “How long does a divorce take?” or “Can I keep my car in Bankruptcy? Developing content that targets these long tail keywords, (search terms containing more words than “short tail” search terms like “Denver Bankruptcy Lawyers”) is the key to generating exponential growth in traffic and qualified leads.

Content marketing started long before search engines, SEO companies and even the internet. Law firm content marketing is the most proven, time-tested, cost-effective, and powerful marketing strategy on the planet.

How will your firm leverage content marketing to capture the current stampede of consumers searching for answers to their legal questions and secure a strong position for long-term sustainable growth?

Introducing Your Total Online Marketing Solution

Our new Law Firm Online Marketing Blueprint is a powerful and unique content marketing system designed to make you the leader in your legal niche.

  • Be Everywhere Online

    including legal directories, local business websites and social media channels

  • 50 -1000% More Traffic

    with a steady stream of high quality content that answers consumers’ questions

  • Crush it With Content

    with blogs, landing pages, white papers, slide decks, infographics, videos and more

  • Automated Marketing

    so you can focus on building your practice by serving your clients and managing your team

  • Industry Exclusivity

    Founded by lawyers, our sole focus is helping lawyers grow their practices

  • A Dedicated Team

    Consisting of experts in legal blogging, SEO, content and law firm marketing

  • Measurable Results

    Easily measure your marketing performance with real-time dashboards and reports

  • Google-Friendliness

    “Google-proof” your website for good, avoiding drawbacks and penalties

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How it Works: 10 Steps to Legal Marketing Success

The Law Firm Online Marketing Blueprint utilizes a proprietary, 10-step process to get your law firm on the fast track to greater online visibility, website traffic, qualified leads and new clients:

  • 1

    The Law Firm Online Visibility Audit

  • 2

    Create Your Law Firm WordPress Lead Generation Site

  • 3

    Build Your Custom Law Firm Marketing Communications Center

  • 4

    The “Be Everywhere” Law Firm Target Social Media Strategy

  • 5

    Total Online Directory Presence

  • 6

    A.R.T. of Law Firm Backlinks

  • 7

    Law Firm Content Marketing Roadmap

  • 8

    FasTrack Content Marketing

  • 9

    The Law Firm Marketing Report Card

  • 10

    Best Legal Practices Masterminds

30-Day Unconditional, 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not happy, within the first 30 days of joining the this program, just say the word and we’ll refund all monies paid to Best Legal Practices within 24 hours (next business day), no questions asked.

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Ready to Take Your Practice to the Next Level?

Fill out this quick web form and tell us about your practice:

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